4 Trip Ideas If You Are An Adventurous Couple

Adventurous couple vibe so well when doing something new on every trip.

We all need a break from life and its hardships and challenges, but some aspiring and adventurous couples seem to only be able to enjoy a moment when they are challenged in terms of physical and mental strength, given goals to meet, and are tested to their cores.

We are no strangers to the saying that couples that travel together stay together. However for even stronger couples, if you accomplish unique and challenging experiences together, you assess compatibility and learn to admire each other even more.

If you are that kind of couple, here are some tips on how to create and enjoy the perfect vacation for your partner.

Kayaking tour

This sport is something all of us may have thought a lot about from an early age. The adventurously challenging strength, both mental and physical, and the guts it takes to perform is unimaginable unless you have actually experienced it. The ironic fact is that the trip sounds as simple as it is.

With each having a paddle in hand, making their way through lush turquoise, blue and green waters while maintaining that social distance, a kayak hire perth may prove to be one of the most memorable experiences a couple may have.

Ride a Hot Air Balloon

Another experience that seems as simple as it sounds. Riding a hot air balloon may seem like a basic trip consent until you are several hundred feet above ground level and are able to see the very rugged topography of the land you took off from.

Hot Air Ballooning started off being a popular trip idea since after its rise to popularity in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Although it takes several hours of preparation before the actual flight, which can take anywhere between 40 mins to 2 hours, every single minute that comes within this experience is something you and your partner will relive in your dreams all your life. Truly a divine experience.

Take a Helicopter Ride

Not everyone has the guts to sit in a space that is relatively smaller than planes, an almost ball-like body of metal and fuel, and soar over different landscapes.

Helicopter rides are popular only among the most adventurous individuals, who not only get to see places that they may or may not be familiar with in a whole new perspective but also get to admire and feel what it is like to be a helicopter pilot, as in some package passengers are allowed to fly the helicopter while being guided intently by a professional pilot.

Take a Yoga Retreat together

After doing your physical adventures, don’t forget to make your soul calm. It’s a promise, the mindfulness from yoga will help you a lot when you get back home.

We all know that exploring one’s own mind and mental capacity proves to be a task just as challenging and sometimes intimidating as a physical exploration of new landscapes is. So many complex emotions and memories are stuck in there, tied in knots but hidden away. They need to be sorted, erased so you can start with a fresh slate.

Try out this idea of a challenge of a trip and getaway by relaxing at a resort while attending Yoga sessions, aiming to physically, spiritually, and mentally build together.

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