Are you looking for a yacht for charter ? With a fleet of over 1400 yachts to choose from and stunning Caribbean and Mediterranean destinations to visit, it won’t be hard to find the perfect boat for your needs.

1 # Yacht charter, which destination to choose?
Destination choice plays an important role in the success of your cruise aboard a yacht . All the itineraries we offer offer something different, and unique, over the various seasons, whether it be a yacht cruise to discover the fascinating history of Greece , an adventure in the rocky coasts of Croatia, a romantic itinerary in Italy , a trip to the sparkling French Riviera or a relaxing winter holiday in an exotic destination like the Caribbean. Choose carefully the type of trip you would like to experience, our consultants will be able to advise you on the perfect yacht to make your experience on board unforgettable.

2 # What is the best time to book a yacht vacation?
While weather conditions are generally reliable in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, other factors – such as vacation times and higher crowds – can affect business hours such as restaurants and tourist attractions. Furthermore, depending on the seasons and months, tourist crowding can undergo significant variations, affecting your travel experience. Even in the traditionally busiest periods, you will still be able to find quiet places to enjoy moments of regenerating relaxation: this is one of the many advantages of discovering the beauties of the Mediterranean Sea on board a yacht! Silver Star Yachtingoffers various types of offers, which vary according to the time of year. Sailing in high season, or out of season, offers very different travel experiences and which, therefore, must be carefully considered according to the chosen destination.

3 # Is it better to rent a sailing or motor yacht?
Silver Star Yachting offers the opportunity to experience wonderful holidays aboard a yacht , both sailing and motor. Although the former fascinates with the promise of a more authentic and romantic sailing experience, the latter guarantees a holiday at sea in the name of every comfort. Our advice is to make the choice taking into consideration the type of destination you want to reach.

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